My Projects


CLOK is a text-based online roleplaying game (MUD) written in Python using the Twisted networking framework. The game was originally created by a friend of mine, Rias, and was later passed to me. CLOK has a rich history and deep complex lore that shapes the world. As a RolePlaying-Enforced MUD, the established lore of the world and its backstory shapes many design and development decisions. There is a sizeable community in CLOK, which can often see 20+ players at peak hours. Additionally, the MUD world could be classified as "huge", containing over 10,000 rooms and hundreds of areas to explore.

One of CLOKs primary features is the skill-based advancement system where player characters grow their skills by using them in challenging scenarios, rather than accumulating experience points and levels. Another feature is CLOK's diverse range of play styles, both for combat and crafting, where play can differentiate entirely based on what type of weapon or magic being used and plenty of non-combat related skills and abilities to work on as well. CLOK development has also been made with accessibility in mind, as we have a large presence in the visually-impaired gamer community. There are a number of options that can be changed to support more screen-reader-friendly text output as well as some fan-made soundpacks to enrich the visually-impaired experience.


GUST-G, or Generic Untitled Space Text-Game: Because Hyphens are Cool, is a text-based competitive online space-exploration and fleet management game where players control fleets of spaceships to explore and expand their territory, competing for resources to further expand their galactic empire.

GUST-G uses many of the same back-end features and design concepts as CLOK, also utilizing the Twisted networking framework for Python. It is both a serious, all-original game project of mine, but also a sandbox where I test new concepts and methods before introducing them to CLOK.